Voting guide: who to vote for

In a democracy, we have the privilege to vote in elections. However, I believe most people (including myself) ride the roller coaster of each election cycle before deciding for candidates in the voting booth. Electorates are swayed by the latest headline news, scandals, candidate promises, etc… Moving forward, I want to be able to decide on the candidate(s) I support shortly after the list of eligible candidates is released. Deciding on candidates at the beginning of the election cycle enables you to decide with a clear mind – without the noise of the election cycle and distraction from political ads. It also allows you to share and influence others of your chosen candidates to gain more votes to advance your shared vision for your community and the world. I also place significant value in a candidate’s history and previous work experience – I believe more weight should be placed in past deeds/experience than a candidate’s current election performance.

Below are my top priority issues. These may evolve and get refined over time. From local to national elections, I seek to elect candidates whom I think demonstrate the best vision to collectively improve our quality of life.

A candidate who can best improve our collective basic needs and standard of living in regards to:

Improve our quality of life in regards to:
-freedom of expression
-social justice

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